Big DaTa Services

Technology has become a valuable tool in every aspect of the working spaces of institutions in today's business life. As a consequence of the increased availability of information and technology and the diversification of modes of use, the data sizes are increasing far beyond predictions.
Large data,generally refers to a set of data on a scale and complex structure that existing information systems can not handle. Various known data management systems and software tools have high volumes of data and high data rate, as well as high volumes of "large data" that are insufficient to collect, process, manage and analyze data. While large data that can be classified with relational databases and solved by constructive relationships can be managed to some extent, the management of unstructured data creates a great difficulty for institutions. Until a few years ago, the concept of big data titled "Data Cluster" now covers "Data Ambulation" and "Data Lake" concepts.
We propose a new generation of products and new access methods for information access via size, variety and fluidity that can not be analyzed by traditional methods as Netsum.

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