Since 1996, Netsum Advanced Information Technologies Project and Consultancy Services Limited Company has been focusing on the IT sector. It has conducted several major projects in various regions of Turkey's so far like Dubai Airport's closed-loop system and the lease-online projects of two major corporate firms in Georgia and the infrastructure systems of four major hotels.

In 2008, Netsum got its headquarters from Ankara to IT Valley (Gebze, Turkey). It has become a leading supplier and solution partner of especially organized industrial enterprises in need of enterprise service. It is "Dell Registered Partner", "HP ASP (Authorized Service Provider)", "CA Authorized System Reseller", "Microsoft Certified Partner & Network Specialist", "Live Vault Platinum Partner", "Checkpoint Reseller", "Citrix Authorized Reseller" and "Cisco Authorized Dealer". As a result of different evaluations made in different criteria in 2008, Netsum has been awarded as "Group A Supplier (i.e., the cooperation is held at the highest level and its order should be given priority to the supplier company)" by public companies.


Netsum continues to offer corporate and consultancy services, project, service-support and software services as well as individual and corporate trainings with increasing quality. It serves with a well-experienced staff as a requirement of its service strategy and offers the knowledge it has acquired to the national/international business world. Based on this mission and knowledge, it develops advanced and customized solutions for every sector. The main motto of the company is "information that makes life and business better" and brings it to reality. Netsum has also intensified its work in the field of research and development in software sector and expanded its in-house training area in order to provide corporate consultancy services tailored to customer needs.

Netsum is developed in a steady and straight line since the day it was founded. It, as a requirement of the project areas, is in close cooperation with many suppliers and importers well-established in the computer and IT sector nationwide. Its main focusing areas are 'system rooms and complete system installation', 'fiber optic applications', 'virtualization', 'digital security systems' and 'electronic and IT applications in vital areas'.

Netsum is constantly developing and renewing in its service items integrated with Industry 4.0 and its solutions closely follow the revolutions in the fields of IoT, Big Data, Mobile Applications and Information Technologies.

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