DaTa Center Consulting Services

Netsum, plan your organization's critical facilities and environments, and assist the director with standards such as TSE, ITIL, TIA, BICSI, UPTIME. Our services cover a complex spectrum ranging from assessment, strategy and design to implementation and business activities.

We have the know-how, methodologies and tools necessary to manage your investment in your data center and improve your business performance.

Our Data Center Consulting Services include:

Feasibility Studies, Budget Calculation

The data center project budget calculation design criteria are formed by applying the budget to the two main pillars of Information Systems Technology Infrastructure and Support Systems Infrastructure.

Data Center Accessibility and Risk Analysis

Comprehensive review to determine the adequacy of existing support systems infrastructuree
Determination of existing power requirements
Identification of critical vulnerabilities and potential system failure risks
Expert recommendations for improvement
Overall assessment of the facility
Capacity limits detection
Simultaneous care probability analysis
Power and Cooling Systems Analysis

With power analysis, it is ensured that the infrastructure of the electrical systems is designed properly. The analysis made at this point must include the sum of the forces of the existing systems as well as the future growth plans.

Data Center Project Officer Presentation

Your workplace may need to create a new Data Center in the near future, or your existing systems and Data Center are in the pipeline, and you have project responsibility. Such a project will form the "Management Presentation" and, if necessary, undertake the task of presenting it to you together with you.

Planning Studies

The increasing speed of technology has affected the building industry as well as many other areas. Today's technical facilities are no longer just four walls, ventilation, sanitary and electrical installations. The technical facilities include items such as 7x24 redundant systems, redundant power supplies, environmental monitoring and management systems, building control and management systems, and miles of data and communication cables.

Such facilities require a complete and timely construction, expertise, organization and team work all together.

Location Selection

Datacenter location and settlement should be designed in the first phase of the project, in the architectural design phase and again by the expert of the subject.

System Continuity and Demolition Repair (Disaster Recovery)

System continuity is the key to success in the business environment and therefore should not be solely the responsibility of the IT department.
What are your business continuity and demolition repairs requirements? What are your "Business and Informatics Priorities" and how do you combine them to create a "Continuity Program" for your business? Where do you start?

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