Simulation Services

What is Simulation?

A real system is the creation of a "similar" in the computer environment. This is called Simulation Models. With simulation models, the changes required to be made in the real system can be safer, less costly and possible cost, time and resource effects can be evaluated.

System Analysis Services

The current situation of your transportation system is analyzed, the areas that can be improved are determined, the problem areas are determined, alternative solutions are tested in the simulation environment and the best one is chosen for you.
• What are the components of your system and how do they interact with each other?
• What is the relationship of the number of stops to the number of vehicles?
• Will the desired result be obtained as a result of the line expansion?

Strategic and Operational Planning Services

Think once more before strategic and operational decisions are taken! Are you expecting your plans? The most rational way of learning is to make a simulation of your planning! Because SIMILAR; They find the most appropriate solutions at a lower cost, with more alternative scenarios, more secure and less discomforting.

"We allow you to test and analyze your original solution methods before the development phase."

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