Business Process Consulting Services

With Netsum;Business Process Consultancy services, it aims to analyze the processes of the institutions starting from the design phase, to fix the problems and to move the processes to the e-business platform. With its successful experiences in many sectors including textiles, automotive, production, food, finance and energy, the projects provide a short time of life.

The main objectives are to provide 'quality products and services' to the customers, and to make sure that the business processes of the enterprises are performed healthily and efficiently.

By doing business and process analysis of the institutions with Data Market sector experience; aims to offer customers value-added improvements.

Service Scope:

The necessary improvements and the automation of determining the performance targets
Gain measurable, measurable goals for business processes
Reduce costs while increasing productivity
Applying applicable rules to workflows
Simplification of existing processes in institutions
Performing the functions of executive, management and auditing steps

Server Systems:

With increasing demand for workload and access to data, institutions are increasingly demanding higher transaction capacities. More efficient systems are beginning to be preferred as the result of the increase in the virtual environment transition.

Customers who have energy saving and ease of management expectation and customers who need to have many physical servers in their environment prefer blade architecture whereas businesses that need different physical servers in different locations can choose rack or tower type servers. While server systems provide solutions, the needs of the client are primarily analyzed and determinative. Rack, tower and blade servers as well as non-stop servers and servers developed for critical applications are designed with the best solution. If there is a request for optimization of the existing structure or the integration of the existing system into the server system, analysis and capacity planning studies are performed first, and then the optimal solution is provided after anticipating the growth rate of the environment. For large environments with large numbers of servers, solutions can be designed to provide management simplification as well as analysis and optimization work.

Netsum,offers solutions with expert staff on all kinds of server systems and is making significant success stories.

System analysis and proper product positioning, Consolidation solutions, Capacity planning, X86 architectural solutions, Blade system solutions, Business critical system solutions, Integration to existing system, Migration study, Analysis and optimization of existing system, Backup system and security of server systems, Risk analysis and business continuity Management and monitoring solutions, Installation services, Service and maintenance services.

IT Operations and Support Services

Netsum,Moving and Relocation services aims to offer a variety of services that can be needed quickly and reliably when moving to a new location. Within the context of this service, all the operational processes required for the transition to new working environments are planned (disassembly, transportation, insurance, installation, back up) and IT turn-key projects are carried out within this plan.

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