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What is Digital Archiving?

Scanned, digitized (digitized) all kinds of information printed on paper, such as reports, forms, documents, correspondence, contracts, invoices, faxes, films and recorded to computer systems in the desired file format. For digital archiving, the PDF file format has become the most preferred file format in terms of searchability, small file sizes and convertibility. In addition, the document management software developed for the efficient use of digital archives generally encrypts the pdf file format.

What does Digital Archiving do?

As a result of the digital archiving process, the documents in the physical archives will be saved on the servers and will save the companies and organizations the following time and financial benefits.

Provide accurate and instant access to the requested information, documents or documents and can be instantly used or transmitted without the need for scanning.
Access to documents in digital archives from inside and outside the office via VPN or Web Based Document Management systems.
Digital documents can be grouped and authorized so that documents can be safeguarded against accidental deletion of unauthorized employees and unauthorized parties.
Save space by destroying digital archiving and non-storage documents.
Documents archives do not have relocations for physical office movements.
Incorporating digital archives into the disaster recovery plan and avoiding data loss either in the cloud environment or in other locations that may be backed up in another location, such as natural disasters such as fire, flood, earthquake or other events.
At the same time, more than one employee can access the same documents, making them suitable for team work.
Thanks to the advantages listed above, the digital archiving process ensures the depreciation of the investment cost in a short period of time and has a positive effect on production and productivity from the indirect way.

How Do We Document?

After your documents have been transferred to digital media, the archive will be reviewed and the folders will be sorted and grouped after deciding the environment to be stored, the software and tools necessary for indexing the documents, and so on. All the documents in the folder are extracted in groups and cleaned from paperclips and staples. The features such as size, paper type, and document type are evaluated and scanned on the appropriate devices and converted to the desired file format by optimizing in terms of file size and quality and indexed with the desired keywords.

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